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Let's Work Together

I've been known to work on websites for people from time to time. If you've come here and you're thinking about hiring me for a project you have in mind, first let me say to you that I'm flattered you would consider me. Your project is very important to you, and I respect that.

First, let's talk about what I do so we can be sure that I'm a good fit.

Web performance consulting

Maybe your website has been kind of dogging it lately. This is my favorite kind of problem to work on (I did write a book on it, after all). If you're interested in talking about what I can do to make your site faster for your visitors, please do get in touch.

Building WordPress sites

WordPress is my CMS of choice, and I'm pretty good at it. I build authoring experiences that make sense and are easy to use. Best of all, the sites I build in WordPress are fast.

Building static sites

You might have some design mockups you need built into fully functional HTML templates without needing a CMS back end. I love doing this kind of work. I do it quickly, with great accuracy, and with performance in mind.

On-site consulting

Do you need me to come to your place? I might be able to do that, but let's talk about the particulars first to see if an on-site consultation is a proper fit for both of us.

Contacting me

Contacting me is really easy. Just bug me by email. I'll get back to you shortly!